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Monday, May 29, 2006

QTP Question 07: To which environments does QTP supports?

QuickTest Professional supports functional testing of all enterprise environments, including Windows, Web, .NET, Java/J2EE, SAP,Siebel, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Visual Basic, ActiveX, mainframe terminal emulators, and Web services.


  • We are a Microsoft shop using QuickTest Pro 9.0 (QTP) w/ .NET for our functional testing. I’ve been asked to somehow map the QTP Test Results back to the Requirements for Traceability to determine our test coverage. While I mentioned TestDirector/Quality Center and how wonderful that was with its seamless interface, Requirements Management, Lab, Test Planning, Defect Management, etc., and spectacular reporting…it was a brief conversation because all of our requirements are already being managed in Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS).
    My question is: What are my options for determining Functional Test Coverage between QTP and TFS? Can it be done at some level? If so, how and how difficult is it to do?

    By Blogger ariesentj, at 2:05 PM  

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