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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

QTP Question 02: What's New in QuickTest Professional 8.2?

What's New in QuickTest Professional 8.2?

  • Keyword View: Lets you easily build and maintain tests without writing VBScripts.

  • Auto-Documentation: Provides improved test clarity and the ability to view test steps in plain English.

  • Step Generator: Allows you to quickly insert custom-built functions into your tests.

  • Mercury Business Process Testing: Enhanced integration with BPT -- Business Components, Scripted Components, and Application Areas.

  • Enhanced Expert View: Provides greater efficiency when generalizing test components.

  • Action Parameters: Allows you to generalize testing actions for greater reusability.

  • Data Parameters: You can now specify test or action parameters to pass values into and from your test, and between actions in your test.

  • Open XML Report Format for Test Results: Test results are now stored in an open XML format, enabling you to easily customize the reports according to your own requirements, and to integrate the test result information with other applications.

  • Unicode Support: Lets you test global deployments of your enterprise applications.

  • Function Definition Generator: You can use the new Function Definition Generator to generate definitions for user-defined functions, add header information to them, and register functions to a test object.


QTP Question 01: What is QTPro? What is Quick Test Pro? What is Quick Test Professional?

What is QTPro? What is Quick Test Pro? What is Quick Test Professional?

Mercury QuickTest Professional™ provides the industry’s best solution for functional test and regression test automation - addressing every major software application and environment. This next-generation automated testing solution deploys the concept of Keyword-driven testing to radically simplify test creation and maintenance. Unique to QuickTest Professional’s Keyword-driven approach, test automation experts have full access to the underlying test and object properties, via an integrated scripting and debugging environment that is round-trip synchronized with the Keyword View.QuickTest Professional satisfies the needs of both technical and non-technical users. It enables you to deploy higher-quality applications faster, cheaper, and with less risk. It works hand-in-hand with Mercury Business Process Testing™ to bring non-technical subject matter experts into the quality process in a meaningful way. Plus, it empowers the entire testing team to create sophisticated test suites with minimal training.The deployment of Mercury QuickTest Professional is optimized through the use of Mercury best practices. Mercury best practices cover all aspects of deployment, including product installation and operation, organizational design, process implementation, continual process improvement and measurement of return on investment (ROI). Throughout your implementation Mercury applies these best practices to your specific situation, creating world-class procedures for you that drive long-term success.source

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